International tax lawyer's specialised service to transfer your residence to Monte Carlo, Monaco, Switzerland, London, England


According to the tax laws of most countries the residence is one of the key factors in determining an individual's tax liability. The residence decides, if and to what extend somebody is taxable in a certain country.

This criteria can be used for or against the individual. Being considered a resident of a certain country can be very advantageous. In other cases, the possession of a residence (even a second one) can have undesirable tax and legal consequences.

In fact, transferring your residence to a low tax environment is one of the few remaining ways to legally minimise taxes. As the vital and economical interests of many people are not limited to their country of origin any more, it appears to be logical to choose a residence which offers a low tax environment to protect the personal and family wealth.

TAXRESIDENCES is a one-stop service

designed to assist in analysing, evaluating and executing a transfer of residence.

Currently the most popular tax residence locations are Monaco, Switzerland, England but the services are also offered for other locations as for example Malta or Dubai.


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